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Emmegi si rinnova con EyeDream ologramma 3DA thrilling experience to remember and talk about. Years of success in sales and rental of audio and video equipment for events and fairs have allowed Emmegi sistemi di comunicazione to develop new projects, demonstrating its status as a solid enterprise consistently on the crest of innovation. Italian ingenuity finds one of its highest expressions in the creative practice and solid experience of the founder of this company, Mario Parini. Thanks to his insight and intuition, he recognized that in today’s world it is vital to propose innovative solutions to one’s existing and prospective clients. The new business of Emmegi is the provision of technology and services to transform any event into a highly memorable moment for the audience that will receive broad media coverage. 

Emmegi sistemi di comunicazione has patented a exclusive product: EyeDream 3D, an holographic projection system. Its advanced technology makes it possible to enjoy high definition images and videos with a rich endowment of special effects, without the hassle of annoying 3D glasses. EyeDream 3D is an exclusive large-format holographic system designed to add a spectacular touch to entertainment, promotion and corporate events. Its principal plus is that it allows real and virtual subjects to interact in amazing ways. 

Thanks to the collaboration of a partner network of excellence, Emmegi is able to pair the EyeDream 3D holographic projection system with 3D mapping technology, allowing three-dimensional architectural projections to be projected onto any type of surface to create unique and impressive effects. Emmegi has created a proper holographic theatre. Come pay us a visit and be overwhelmed by the unmatchable experience of EyeDream 3D. Visit the website section dedicated to EyeDream 3D or click here to let us tell you more about Emmegi and its products.