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Rivista Professionale Audio Video Digital Signage EyeDream 3D Emmegi

For the first time the magazine for professionals and enthusiasts of technology features Emmegi and in its April issue, entirely dedicated on digital signage, Mario Parini, Emmegi’s Managing Director was consulted. The meeting between Mr Parini and Chiara Benedettini, President and Editor in Chief of Connessioni, took place following the journalist’s curiosity arriving in Nerviano to discover more about EYEDREAM 3D. From her amazement of the new technology then began a pleasant chat where Mr Parini talked about the long history of the company that induced Ms Benedettini to include the entrepreneur’s opinion along with those of other great companies so as to study in depth the current market of DS and conclude possible future situations.

 Connessioni moreover dedicated a special on EYEDREAM 3D (p.42-43). Mr. Parini commented “Eyedream 3D is a result of our recent researches, a holographic projection system that does not require the use of special glasses. It is a high spectacular and grasping technology, that has been requested for sales points projects, for hospitality and corporate areas as it attracts people’s attention and with the right project allows the public to interact in real time with the holographic images. The applications are numerous depending on the requirement of the customer. In general, I think that in the near future business strategies in the digital signage area should foresee a harmonious integration between technologic solutions and communication concepts, even more dynamic and involving” (p. 14)