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samsung fuorisalone 2013 emmegiEmmegi took part in a number of thrilling, futuristic and exclusive installations at the Fuorisalone in Milan, by supplying rented audio and video equipment. One of these was “What a Wonderful World” for Samsung in Superstudio Più: a place where technology allows the visitor to become an active creator, an artist, transforming the space to suit his or her tastes.

Each visitor received a Samsung Galaxy SIII at the entrance, allowing them to interact with their

environment in a unique and exciting way. The project was created by the architect and designer François

Confino in collaboration with studioLL.TT and Supermaxistudio.

Mondadori proposed a calendar of events dedicated to the theme of food & design with big-name cooking shows, entertainment and thematic food tastings with haute cuisine chefs, VIPS and designers. The event was staged in collaboration with Sale&Pepe, Mondadori Electa and

Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, on the other hand, was the spot for “Mkr Shakr”, a robot bartender. Visitors were able to use an app to order drinks and then watch the robot mix, shake and serve a cocktail made to order. This original project was the work of Carlo Ratti Associati (Carlo Ratti is the director of the MIT Senseable City Lab) with funding from Bacardi and Coca Cola. At the termination of the FuoriSalone 2013, the robot was bought by Google and will be relocated to the Google Campus in San Francisco.

It was a kaleidoscope of events and installations of grand impact, and Emmegi is proud to have actively contributed to a truly unforgettable week dedicated to design and originality